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Thank you for stopping by our family website.   The photo above was taken on September 26, 2010.  The four people in the photo represent the "old guard" of the Randle El family.  They are the last four of the fourteen children that are the fruit of the union of Charley Randle and Angeline Trim Randle.  They are, l to r, Angelee Randle El, Geneva Randle El Nelson, John Randle El and Lila Randle El Bey.  This was a rare opportunity for the four of them to come together at Lila's home in El Paso, TX and I couldn't pass up this opportunity to get this picture.  It was a wonderful day and has a lot of historical significance for our family.  It was an honor for me to be among them on this occasion.

Unfortunately Lila passed away several months later and a piece of family history passed into eternity.  She was 92 years old and had lived a full life.  She was much loved by not just her immediate family but by all of us that knew her.  She has been missed and will continue to be missed as her legacy lives on through her son Tom and her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  

Fast forward to 2014.  And then there were two.  On June 7, 2014 God signaled John home to live in eternity.  John was a man of dignity and pride who lived 94 fruitful years.  He would discuss anything with just about anybody and in almost all cases he would school even the most educated of people.  John was a veteran of World War II serving honorably in India helping to build the Burma Road.  John worked for more than 40 years at National Malleable and Steel Casting company, retiring in 1984.  John's legacy will live in the lives of his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren.

This website is dedicated to Charley and Angeline and the family legacy that has been built thru their efforts.   Although, our last name today is Randle El, we realize that our original last name was Randle.  We recognize the kinship and welcome Randles from far and wide into our tent, knowing that we all are related in someway.  We will use this website to share family history, stories of family events, pictures, reunion news and anything else that may be of interest to family members.  We welcome any contributions that you may want to make.  We all have a different perspective of our family and sharing our stories should be fun and informative.